Pindi Pinered Pindi

Introduction and location

A home in the greenery of the Kristiine district.

The Mooni 54 terraced house, ready by October 2018, has six private units altogether. Each of them also has a small patch of lawn for enjoying a spare moment or two.

Although the building stands at a distance from loud traffic, the city centre is only a few minutes’ drive away.

A schoolhouse and a children’s day care are both nearby. The commute via public transport is fast—bus and trolley stops are just a few hundred metres away! Stores, pharmacies and libraries are also within walking distance!

The house is extremely compact. The units, which include spacious balconies, are nearly 90 m2 in size and can easily accommodate a family of four. It is possible built a sauna into each unit, the additional cost will be 2000€.