Pindi Pinered Pindi

Technical description



Foundation: monolithic reinforced concrete.

Exterior walls and walls between apartments: precast ashlar stone walls.

Interior walls: plaster walls on a metal framework.

Inserted ceilings and roof structure: prefabricated hollow-core slabs.

Facade: PIR insulation and wood boards; EPS insulation and plaster veneer.

Roof: EPS insulation and roll roofing.

Windows: triple glazed PVC windows.


Heating: Hydronic floor heating in every room of every apartment. A combined system of a geothermal heat pump and solar heating panels supplies the building with heating and warm water.

Water and sanitation: centralised water supply and sanitation system.

Electricity: The number and installation height of sockets, switches and lights will be planned according to the project. Each apartment has its own distribution board. Lights will be provided for washrooms; proper cabling is installed in other rooms.

Weak current: Phone and data communication systems and TV cabling will be installed. The building will be prepared for installation of an alarm system.

Ventilation: Each apartment has a local energy-efficient forced ventilation system with a recuperative heat recovery unit.


Floor covering: Vestibules and bathrooms have ceramic tile floors, while the other rooms have natural veneer flooring. Skirting boards are attached to the wall.

Walls: Living room and bedrooms have painted hollow-core slab ceilings. Joints are visible and finished. Other rooms have gypsum board suspended ceilings, which are painted white.

Ceilings: Elutoas ja magamistubades on värvitud õõnespaneellaed, vuugid nähtavad ja viimistletud. Ülejäänud ruumides valgeks värvitud kipsplaadist ripplaed.

Front door: wood door with ABLOY lock.

Interior doors: veneer doors.

Interior stairs: wood stairs with railings.

Sauna: A sauna room with wall and ceiling boarding, bench, heater, light and a glass door can be built in each apartment unit by request (for an extra charge of 2000€).


Fences: The building has one remote-controlled car gate and one lockable regular gate. There is a picket fence on the Mooni and Tedre streets side and a steel wire fence on the neighbouring property side.

Driveways and parking spots: The driveway, parking spots between buildings and walkway to the apartments will be paved with concrete pavers. The parking spots near the neighbouring property are paved with grass pavers.

Green space: Garden areas are covered with grass, while the area between neighbouring property and parking spots is divided by a shrub hedging.

Outdoor structures: Each apartment has a wooden patio and a timber frame pavilion and balcony.